Great Day


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 20min |
| Stars: Eric Portman, Flora Robson, Sheila Sim | Director: Lance Comfort

A village Women’s Institute prepares for a visit by Mrs Roosevelt


Eric Portman
Capt John Ellis
British actress Flora Robson
Mrs Liz Ellis
Sheila Sim, whose steady rise to success in such films as A Canterbury Tale, The Guinea Pig and Dear Mr Prohack has established her as an accomplished actress who epitomises youthful English charm, has an important romantic role in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman.  She plays Janet, the archaeologist narrator’s niece, who suffers unhappiness through her love for Pandora’s fiancé, a famous racing motorist, portrayed by Nigel Patrick
Margaret Ellis
Isabel Jeans
Lady Mott
Walter Fitzgerald
Bob Tyndale
Philip Friend
Geoffrey Winthrop
Marjorie Rhodes
Mrs Nora Mumford
Maire O’Neill
Mrs Bridget Walsh
John Laurie
Scottish officer in pub
British actress Kathleen Harrison wears a striped blouse
Pub Customer
Leslie Dwyer
Pub Customer
Margaret Withers
Miss Jane Tyndale
Beatrice Varley
Miss Tracy
Publicity photo featuring British actress Irene Handl
Lady serving Tea in Tea Stall.
Patricia Hayes
Mrs Beadle
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Lance Comfort
Lesley Storm
Writer (from the play by)
John Davenport
Writer (screenplay)


RKO Radio British Productions
Production company
RKO Radio Pictures
Production company
Victor Hanbury Productions
Production company