Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (3)

The Pickwick Papers


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Comedy, Drama | 1h 49min |
| Stars: James Hayter, James Donald, Nigel Patrick | Director: Noel Langley

Various adventures of the Pickwick Club culminate in Mrs Bardell’s suit for breach of promise

Charles Dickens’ Joyful Masterpiece


James Hayter
Samuel Pickwick
James Donald
Nathaniel Winkle
British actor Nigel Patrick, dressed in jacket and tie, smokes a cigarette
Mr Jingle
Joyce Grenfell
Mrs Leo Hunter
Hermione Gingold
Miss Tompkins
Brighton Rock (1948) opening credits (3)
Hermione Baddeley
Mrs Bardell
Death at Broadcasting House (1934) opening credits (11)
Donald Wolfit
Sergeant Buzfuz
Harry Fowler
Sam Weller
British actress Kathleen Harrison wears a striped blouse
Rachel Wardle
Alexander Gauge
Tracy Tupman
Lionel Murton
Augustus Snodgrass
Diane Hart
Emily Wardle
Joan Heal
Isabella Wardle
Photograph of British actor, William Hartnell (1)
Irate Cabman
Photograph of English actress, Athene Seyler (1)
Miss Witherfield
Sam Costa
Job Trotter
George Robey
Tony Weller
Gerald Campion
Joe, the Fat Boy
Walter Fitzgerald
Mr Wardle
Mary Merrall
Grandma Wardle
Raymond Lovell
Cecil Trouncer
Mr Justice Stareleigh
D A Clarke-Smith
Noel Willman
Mr Perker
Max Adrian
Noel Purcell
Felix Felton
Dr Slammer
Alan Wheatley
Hattie Jacques
Mrs Nupkins
Jack McNaughton
Mr Nupkins
David Hannaford
June Thorburn
Arabella Allen
Barry MacKay
Mr Snubbins
Gibb McLaughlin
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Flatly conceived and loosely constructed Dickensian comedy; good humour and lots of well-known faces do not entirely atone for lack of artifice. (Halliwell’s)


Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (6)
Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (5)
Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (4). Guest stars Joyce Grenfell, Hermione Gingold, Donald Wolfit
Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (3)
Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (2). James Hayter, Nigel Patrick, James Donald, Kathleen Harrison and Hermione Baddeley
Main title from The Pickwick Papers (1952) (1). George Minter presents


Noel Langley
Director / Writer
Charles Dickens
Writer (novel)


The Pickwick Papers (1952) opening credits (1)
George Minter Productions
Production company
Renown Pictures Corporation
Distribution company