Main title from Another Man’s Poison (1951) (4)

Another Man’s Poison


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime, Drama | 1h 30min |
| Stars: Bette Davis, Gary Merrill, Emlyn Williams | Director: Irving Rapper

A lady novelist poisons her husband and lover, then unwittingly takes a fatal dose herself

She Had Everything You Could Give A Woman To Torment A Man!


Death on the Nile (1978) screenshot (13) | Bette Davis
Bette Davis
Janet Frobisher Preston
Gary Merrill
George Bates
Picturegoer Series publicity postcard for The Stars Look Down (1940) featuring Welsh actor, Emlyn Williams, number 1423 (1)
Dr Henderson
Handsome British film star Anthony Steel, as he appears in the role of Mark Loring, in the new Raymond Stross production, A Question of Adultery (1958), and in which he co-stars with Julie London.  The film was directed by Don Chaffey and will be released by Eros Films Ltd.
Larry Stevens
An autographed photograph featuring British actress, Barbara Murray.  Signature reads ‘To John, Barbara Murray’.
Chris Dale
Reginald Beckwith
Mr Bigley
Edna Morris
Mrs Bunting
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Hysterical vehicle for a fading Hollywood start reduced to repeating her tantrums in an English studio on a low budget; she should have stayed at home, as should her director. (Halliwell’s)


Main title from Another Man’s Poison (1951) (4)


Irving Rapper
Daniel M Angel
Leslie Sands
Writer (play)
Val Guest
Writer (screenplay)


Angel Productions
Production company
Eros Films
Distribution company