Main title from Appointment with Venus (1951)

Appointment with Venus

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| Film | | UK | B&W | 1h 30min |
Stars: David Niven, Glynis Johns, George Coulouris

During World War II, a pedigree cow is rescued from the German-occupied Channel Islands

Cast (43)

American publicity photograph featuring British actor David Niven
Maj Valentine Moreland
Glynis Johns, in the dual role of Caroline/Miranda Trewella, strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot from Mad About Men (1954)
Nicola Fallaize
George Coulouris
Capt Weiss
Barry Jones
British actor Kenneth More wears an open-necked checked shirt and watch in a casual publicity photo
Lionel Fallaize
Noel Purcell
Trawler Langley
Bernard Lee
Jeremy Spenser
Patric Doonan
Sgt Forbes
Martin Boddey
Sgt Vogel
John Horsley
Naval Officer Kent
George Benson
Senior Clerk
Richard Wattis
Carruthers – Higher Executive
David Horne
Geoffrey Sumner
Major – Vet. Corps
Raymond Young
Cdr Willson
Richard Marner
2nd German Corporal
Herbert C Walton
Malcolm Farquhar
Staff Capt
Charles Collum
1st General
Stanley Rose
John Stratton
1stRAF Officer
Peter Martyn
2nd RAF Officer
Neil Wilson
1st Man
Geoffrey Denton
2nd Man
Michael Ward
Senior Clerk’s Assistant
Pat Nye
A.T.S. W / O
Marianne Stone
A.T.S. Auxiliary
Betty Cooper
Secretary to Brigadier
Noel Johnson
Clark – RN
Jeanne Pali
Granny Lummette
Oscar Nation
Helen Goss
Provost’s Wife
Philip Stainton
Michael Evans
2nd Officer – Com.Ops
Derek Blomfield
1st Officer – Admiralty
Peter Butterworth
1st Naval Rating
Harold Goodwin
2nd Naval Rating
Basil Dignam
R.A.MC Capt
Olwen Brookes
Charles Lamb
Jean – the Cowman
Michael Rittermann
German Adjutant
Henrik Jacobsen
1st German Corporal
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Main title from Appointment with Venus (1951)

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