Battlestar Galactica (1978–79)

Saga of a Star World


Part One

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| TV Episode | USA | Colour | Action, Adventure | 44min
| Stars: Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene
| Season 1, episode 1

Outflanked, outnumbered and outgunned by the evil Cylon empire, the surviving remnants of humanity set out on a danger-fraught quest in search of Earth

Battlestar Galactica (1978-79) | Saga of a Star world (1978) opening credits (3)
Battlestar Galactica (1978–79)
After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of mankind, the surviving humans flee in Battlestar Galactica and a small fleet in search of a new home on Earth, all the while being pursued by the robotic Cylons.
Saga of a Star World
When the Cylons trick the human fleet and destroy all its ships except the Battlestar Galactica, Commander Adama gathers up the remaining humans from the twelve colony worlds and leads them in search of the legendary thirteenth colony: Earth.

Episode cast

Richard Hatch
Capt Apollo
Dirk Benedict
Lieutenant Starbuck
Lorne Greene
Commander Adama
Herbert Jefferson Jr
Lieutenant Boomer
Tony Swartz
Flight Sergeant Jolly
Maren Jensen
Lieutenant Athena
Noah Hathaway
Terry Carter
Colonel Tigh
Lew Ayres
President Adar
Ten Little Indians (1965) opening credits (13) | Wilfrid Hyde White
Wilfrid Hyde-White
John Colicos
Count Baltar
Laurette Spang
John Fink
Dr Payne
Jane Seymour
Paramount Pictures publicity photo from 1948, featuring British actor Ray Milland
Sire Uri
Ed Begley Jr
Ensign Greenbean
Rick Springfield
Lieutenant Zac
Randi Oakes
Blonde Taurus
Norman Stuart
David Greenan
Flight Officer Omega
Sarah Rush
Flight Corporal Rigel
David Matthau
Harry Johnson
First Warrior
Geoffrey Binney
Second Warrior
Paul Coufos
Bruce Wright
Deck hand
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Serial guide

Season 1 (3 episodes)

  • Story Story title Episode Episode title Transmitted
    1 Saga of a Star World1Part One17 Sep 78
    1 Saga of a Star World2Part Two17 Sep 78
    1 Saga of a Star World3Part Three17 Sep 78
  • Production

    John Dykstra
    Richard A Colla
    Alan J Levi
    Glen A Larson
    Writer (created by)


    Glen A. Larson Productions
    Production company
    Universal Television
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