Bitter Victory


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| Film | France | B&W | Drama, War | 1h 42min |
| Stars: Richard Burton, Curd Jürgens, Ruth Roman | Director: Nicholas Ray

Two officers sent on a document raid in Libya during World War II become poor soldiers because one suspects the other of an affair with his wife

Cast (18)

British actor, Richard Burton
Capt Leith
Curd Jürgens
Major Brand
Ruth Roman
Jane Brand
Raymond Pellegrin
Anthony Bushell
General Paterson
Alfred Burke
Lt Colonel Callander
Sean Kelly
Lieutenant Barton
Ramón de Larrocha
Lieutenant Sanders
Christopher Lee
Sergeant Barney
Ronan O’Casey
Sergeant Dunnigan
Fred Matter
Oberst Lutze
Raoul Delfosse
Lieutenant Kassel
Andrew Crawford
Private Roberts
Nigel Green
Private Wilkins
Harry Landis
Private Browning
Christian Melsen
Private Abbot
Sumner Williams
Private Anderson
Joé Davray
Private Spicer
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Photograph of Bitter Victory (1957) (1) featuring Richard Burton


Nicholas Ray
Director / Writer
Paul Graetz
René Hardy


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Robert Laffont Productions
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Transcontinental Films
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Columbia Pictures Corporation
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