Blanche Fury

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| Film | | United Kingdom | Colour | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance |
Stars: Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger, Michael Gough | Director: Marc Allégret

A governess marries a wealthy heir, then with a steward connives at his murder

Cast (15)

Main title from Train of Events (1949) featuring Valerie Hobson
Blanche Fury
Stewart Granger, famous British film star who later made his name in Hollywood, poses for a promotional photo in the mid-1940s
Philip Thorn
Michael Gough
Laurence Fury
Walter Fitzgerald
Simon Fury
Susanne Gibbs
Maurice Denham
Maj Fraser
Sybille Binder
Ernest Jay
Townsend Whitling
J H Roberts
Allan Jeayes
Mr Weatherby
Edward Lexy
Col Jenkins
Arthur Wontner
Lord Rudford
Amy Veness
Mrs Winterbourne
Cherry London
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Marc Allégret


Anthony Havelock-Allan


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Screenshot from Blanche Fury (1948) (2)
Screenshot from Blanche Fury (1948) (1)
Main title from Blanche Fury (1948)
Mexican lobby card from Blanche Fury (1948) (1)
Picture Show magazine with Valerie Hobson and  Stewart Granger in Blanche Fury.  March, 1948.
Film Complet magazine with Stewart Granger in Blanche Fury.  3rd March, 1949, issue number 143.  (French).  Also features Suzy Carrier
Australian DVD cover of Blanche Fury (1948) (1)
Stewart Granger (as Philip Thorn) and Valerie Hobson (as Blanche Fury) in a German DVD cover of Blanche Fury (1948) (1)
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