Main title from The Boys (1962) (5)

The Boys


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W |
| Stars: Richard Todd, Robert Morley, Dudley Sutton | Director: Sidney J Furie

Four boys are on trial for killing a garage attendant


Publicity photo of British actor, Richard Todd
Victor Webster
Photograph of British actor, Robert Morley (1)
Dudley Sutton
Stan Coulter
Ronald Lacey
Billy Herne
Tony Garnett
Ginger Thompson
Jess Conrad
Barney Lee
British actor Felix Aylmer wears a white dinner jacket and bow tie
The Judge
Wilfrid Brambell
Robert Brewer
Allan Cuthbertson
Randolph St. John
Colin Gordon
Gordon Lonsdale
Wensley Pithey
Mr Coulter
Kenneth J Warren
George Tanner
Patrick Magee
Mr Lee
The Railway Children (1970) screenshot (10) | David Lodge
David Lodge
Mr Herne
Mavis Villiers
Celia Barker
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Main title from The Boys (1962) (5)


Sidney J Furie
Stuart Douglass
Writer (original screenplay)


Atlas Productions
Production company
Galaworldfilm Productions
Production company