Brief Ecstasy

Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 12min
Stars: Paul Lukas, Hugh Williams, Linden Travers | Director: Edmond T Gréville

After a fleeting night of passion a young couple part, but when they are accidentally reunited years later the spark of romance reignites

Cast (10)

Paul Lukas
Prof. Paul Bernardy
Hugh Williams
Jim Wyndham
Linden Travers (as Augusta Leigh) in a screenshot from The Bad Lord Byron (1948) (4)
Helen Norwood Bernardy
Marie Ney
Martha Russell
Renee Gadd
Fred Withers
Howard Douglas
Fewlass Llewellyn
Director of Steel Company
Peter Gawthorne
Chairman of Steel Company
Norman Pierce
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Edmond T Gréville


Production company

Phoenix Films

Pictures (2)

Hugh Williams (as Jim Wyndham) and Linden Travers (as Helen Norwood Bernardy) in a photograph from Brief Ecstasy (1937)
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