Cheer Up!


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Musical | 1h 12min
| Stars: Sally Gray, Roddy Hughes, Gerald Barry | Director: Leo Mittler

An unemployed actor is mistaken for a millionaire by an out-of-work actress


Sally Gray
Sally Gray
Roddy Hughes
Dick Dirk
Gerald Barry
John Harman
Wyn Weaver
Mr Carter
Marjorie Chard
Mrs Carter
Kenneth Kove
Wilfrid Harman
Ernest Sefton
Tom Page
Syd Crossley
Doris Rogers
Mrs Pearce
Arthur Rigby
Bill Rachett
Arty Ash
Head Porter
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The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection DVD – Volume 1 from Network as part of the British Film collection. Features Escape!, West of Zanzibar, Penny Paradise, Cheer Up!


Leo Mittler
Stanley Lupino
Writer (story)


Stanley Lupino Productions
Production company