Main title from Danger Within (1959) (4)

Danger Within

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| Film | | UK | B&W | Drama, War | 1h 41min |
Stars: Richard Todd, Bernard Lee, Michael Wilding

Escape plans of officers in a prisoner-of-war camp are threatened by an informer

Cast (24)

Richard Todd
Lt Col David Baird MC
Bernard Lee
Lt Col Huxley
British actor Michael Wilding wears a jacket and tie
Major Charles Marquand
British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
Capt ‘Bunter’ Phillips
Dennis Price sports a natty moustache, cravat and white jumper, all whilst smoking a cigarette
Capt Rupert Callender
British actor Donald Houston wears a jacket and tie
Capt Roger Byfold
William Franklyn
Capt Tony Long
Vincent Ball
Capt Pat Foster
Peter Arne
Capitano Benucci
Peter Jones
Capt Alfred Piker
Ronnie Stevens
Lt Meynell ‘The Sewer Rat’
Main title from Bergerac (1981-91) (4). And Terence Alexander
Terence Alexander
Lt Gibbs
Andrew Faulds
Lt Comdr. ‘Dopey’ Gibbon RN
Steve Norbert
Lt Pierre Dessin
Cyril Shaps
Lt Cyriakos Coutoules
Eric Lander
Lt Tim O’Brien
John Dearth
Lt Robson
Robert Bruce
‘Doc’ Simmonds, R.A.MC
Harold Siddons
Capt ‘Tag’ Burchnall
Ian Whittaker
2nd. Lt Betts-Hanger
David Williams
Lt Parsons
David Graham
Lt Moxhay
Howard Williams
Lt Bush
Dino Galvani
Commandante Arletti
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Don Chaffey


Colin Lesslie


Production companies

Colin Lesslie Productions

British Lion Film Corporation

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Main title from Danger Within (1959) (4)
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