Death at Broadcasting House


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 15min |
| Stars: Ian Hunter, Austin Trevor, Lilian Oldland | Director: Reginald Denham

A radio actor is murdered during a broadcast

Cast (15)

Ian Hunter (as Philip Templar) in a photograph from The White Unicorn (1947) (81)
Detective Inspector Gregory
Austin Trevor
Leopold Dryden
Lilian Oldland
Joan Dryden
Henry Kendall
Rodney Fleming
Val Gielgud
Julian Caird
Peter Haddon
Guy Bannister
Betty Ann Davies
Poppy Levine
British actor Jack Hawkins wears a jacket and tie
Herbert Evans
Donald Wolfit
Sydney Parsons
Robert Rendel
Sir Herbert Farquharson
Bruce Lester
Peter Ridgwell
Gordon McLeod
Commissioner of Police
Hannen Swaffer
Hannen Swaffer – Radio Personality
Vernon Bartlett
Vernon Bartlett – News Broadcaster
Eric Dunstan
Eric Dunstan – Radio Personality
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Reginald Denham
Val Gielgud
Writer (novel)
Eric Maschwitz

Also known as

Death At a Broadcast (USA)


Phoenix Films
Production company