Ian Hunter (as Philip Templar) in a photograph from The White Unicorn (1947) (81)

Ian Hunter

1900–1975 | British actor

British actor of dependable characters; on stage from 1919, films soon after

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Downhill (1927)
Escape! (1930)
Dr Watson
Fred Green
Fergus Wimbush
Detective Inspector Gregory
Jim Pearce
Sir Marcus Ordeyne
Lazybones (1935)
Sir Reginald Ford
Capt Crewe
Dr John Lanyon
Bedelia (1946)
Charlie Carrington
Philip Templar
Arthur Turner
Geoffrey Tanner, Q.C.
Captain Woodhouse – H.M.S. Ajax
Clive Fisher
Sir John Windham
Adm Sir Bryanston Blyth
Dr Swann
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