Main title from The Phantom Light (1935)

The Phantom Light


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Mystery, Thriller | 1h 16min |
| Stars: Binnie Hale, Gordon Harker, Donald Calthrop | Director: Michael Powell

A new keeper takes over at a remote Welsh lighthouse that is reputed to be haunted


Binnie Hale
Alice Bright
Photograph of English actor, Gordon Harker (1)
Sam Higgins
Donald Calthrop
David Owen
Milton Rosmer
Dr Carey
Ian Hunter (as Philip Templar) in a photograph from The White Unicorn (1947) (81)
Jim Pearce
Herbert Lomas
Claff Owen
Reginald Tate
Tom Evans
Barry O’Neill
Capt Pearce
Mickey Brantford
Bob Peters
Alice O’Day
Mrs Owen
Fewlass Llewellyn
Griffith Owen
Edgar K Bruce
Sgt Owen
Louie Emery
Station Mistress
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Main title from The Phantom Light (1935)
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Michael Powell
Evadne Price
Writer (play)
Joan Roy Byford
Writer (play)


Gainsborough Pictures
Production company