Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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| Film | | USA | B&W | 1h 53min
Stars: Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman, Lana Turner | Director: Victor Fleming

A Victorian research chemist finds a formula that separates the good and evil in his soul; when the latter predominates, he becomes a rampaging monster. Second remake

Cast (15)

Spencer Tracy
Dr Henry Jekyll / Mr Hyde
Ingrid Bergman
Ivy Peterson
Lana Turner
Beatrix Emery
Donald Crisp
Sir Charles Emery
Ian Hunter (as Philip Templar) in a photograph from The White Unicorn (1947) (81)
Dr John Lanyon
Barton Maclane
Sam Higgins
C Aubrey Smith
The Bishop
Peter Godfrey
Sara Allgood
Mrs Higgins
Frederick Worlock
Dr Heath
William Tannen
Intern Fenwick
Frances Robinson
Denis Green
Billy Bevan
Mr Weller
Forrester Harvey
Old Prouty
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Victor Fleming


(screen play)
(based on the novella by)

Production company

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
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