Feather Your Nest

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Comedy | 1h 26min
Stars: George Formby, Polly Ward, Enid Stamp-Taylor | Director: William Beaudine

A gramophone record technician substitutes his own voice for a star and becomes world famous

Cast (15)

George Formby
Willie Piper
Polly Ward
Mary Taylor
Publicity shot for British actress, Enid Stamp-Taylor
Daphne Randall
Gilbert Russell
Rex Randall
Davy Burnaby
Sir Martin
Jack Barty
Mr Chester
Clifford Heatherley
Randall’s valet
Frederick Burtwell
Ethel Coleridge
Mrs Taylor
Jimmy Godden
Mr Higgins
Moore Marriott
Mr Jenkins
Syd Crossley
Police Constable
Frank Perfitt
Studio manager
Tom Payne
The Three Rhythm Sisters
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William Beaudine



Production company

Associated Talking Pictures (ATP)
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