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Fire Over England

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Adventure, History, Romance, War | 1h 32min |
Stars: Flora Robson, Raymond Massey, Leslie Banks | Director: William K Howard

Elizabeth I and her navy overcome the Spanish Armada

… A truly brilliant producer brings you a thrilling tale of love and danger that will live in your memory as long as there is romance in your heart!

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Though the film has a faded air and the action climax was always a bath-tub affair, the splendid cast keeps this pageant afloat and interesting. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (22)

British actress Flora Robson
Queen Elizabeth
Raymond Massey
Philip of Spain
Photo of British actor, Leslie Banks (1)
Leslie Banks
British actor, Laurence Olivier, with a small moustache wears a dark suit and herringbone tie
Distinguished British leading lady, Vivien Leigh
Morton Selten
Tamara Desni
Lyn Harding
Sir Richard
George Thirlwell
Henry Oscar
Spanish Ambassador
Robert Rendel
Don Miguel
Robert Newton
Don Pedro
Donald Calthrop
Don Escobal
British actor James Mason wears a black dinner jacket and bow tie
Charles Carson
Adm Valdez
Howard Douglas
Lord Amberley
Cecil Mainwaring
Lord Illingworth
Francis De Wolff
Sir James Tarleton
Graham Cheswright
Mr Joseph Maddison
A Corney Grain
Lawrence Hanray
French Ambassador
Roy Russell
Sir Humphrey Cooper
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William K Howard


Erich Pommer



Production company

London Film Productions

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Main title from Fire Over England (1937) (3)
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