The Four Just Men

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Thriller | 1h 25min
Stars: Hugh Sinclair, Griffith Jones, Francis L Sullivan | Director: Walter Forde

To save the empire, four stalwart Britishers agree to murder a villainous MP

Cast (15)

Hugh Sinclair
Humphrey Mansfield
As Charlie Kent, a confidence trickster in the Corfield-Huth production ‘Look Before You Love’, Griffith Jones gives a wonderful display of unscrupulous crookedness with a public school accent
James Brodie
Francis L Sullivan
Leon Poiccard
Frank Lawton
James Terry
Anna Lee
Ann Lodge
Alan Napier
Sir Hamar Ryman M.P.
Basil Sydney
Frank Snell
Lydia Sherwood
Myra Hastings
Edward Chapman
B.J. Burrell
Main title from The Tenth Man (1936) featuring Athole Stewart
Police Commissioner
George Merritt
Inspector Falmouth
Main title from The Vicar of Bray (1937) (10).  Garry Marsh as Sir Richard Melross
Garry Marsh
Bill Grant
Ellaline Terriss
Lady Willoughby
Roland Pertwee
Mr Hastings
Eliot Makeham
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Walter Forde



Production companies

Ealing Studios

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The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection DVD – Volume 2 from Network as part of the British Film collection. Features The Big Blockade, The Four Just Men, Brief Ecstasy, Midshipman Easy
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