Main title from The Gaunt Stranger (1939)

The Gaunt Stranger


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama | 1h 13min
| Stars: Sonnie Hale, Wilfrid Lawson, Louise Henry | Director: Walter Forde

A criminal master of disguise threatens to kill a much more despicable criminal at an appointed hour… and does so, despite police protection


Sonnie Hale
Samuel Cuthbert ‘Sam’ Hackett
Wilfrid Lawson
Maurice Meister
Louise Henry
Cora Ann Milton
Alexander Knox
Dr Lomond
Peter Croft
John Lenley
George Merritt
Police Station Sergeant
Patrick Barr
Det. Insp. Alan Wembury
John Longden
Inspector Bliss
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Mary Lenley
Arthur Hambling
Detective Sgt. Richards
Charles Eaton
Col Walford
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Main title from The Gaunt Stranger (1939)
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Walter Forde
Edgar Wallace
Writer (based on The Ringer by)
Sidney Gilliat
Writer (screen play)

Also known as

The Phantom Strikes (USA)


Production company
Ealing Studios
Production company
Production company