The Gypsy and the Gentleman

Film | | United Kingdom | Colour | 1h 43min
Stars: Melina Mercouri, Keith Michell, Flora Robson | Director: Joseph Losey

A penniless Regency rake marries a tempestuous gypsy, with melodramatic and tragic results

Cast (15)

Melina Mercouri
Keith Michell
Sir Paul Deverill
British actress Flora Robson
Mrs Haggard
Patrick McGoohan
June Laverick
Sarah Deverill
Lyndon Brook
John Patterson
Helen Haye
Lady Caroline Ayrton
Grimshaw (Mervyn Johns) wears a hat and bow tie in My Learned Friend (1943)
Laurence Naismith
Dr Forrester
Clare Austin
Vanessa Ruddock
Catherine Feller
Nigel Green
Game Pup
Newton Blick
David Hart
Will the Valet
John Salew
Duffin the Butler
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Joseph Losey



Production companies

Maurice Cowan Productions
The Rank Organisation

Pictures (1)

Keith Michell (as Sir Paul Deverill) and Melina Mercouri (as Belle) in a photograph from The Gypsy and the Gentleman (1958)
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