Opening credits from High Tide at Noon (1957) (4)

High Tide at Noon

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama, Romance | 1h 49min |
Stars: Betta St John, William Sylvester, Michael Craig | Director: Philip Leacock

Passions run high among lobster fishermen in Nova Scotia as a former resident returns to the deserted shores of her home town

The dramatic ebb and flow of a young girl’s love…

Cast (12)

Betta St John
Joanna MacKenzie
William Sylvester
Alec Douglas
Michael Craig
British actress Flora Robson
Donna MacKenzie
Alexander Knox
Stephen MacKenzie
Peter Arne
Owen MacKenzie
Patrick McGoohan
Simon Breck
Patrick Allen
Charles MacKenzie
Jill Dixon
Matille Trudeau
Susan Beaumont
John Hayward
Philip MacKenzie
Errol MacKinnon
Peter Grant
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Philip Leacock


Julian Wintle



Production company

The Rank Organisation

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Opening credits from High Tide at Noon (1957) (4)
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