Honours Easy


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| Film | B&W | Drama | 1h 2min
| Stars: Greta Nissen, Patric Knowles, Robert Rendel | Director: Herbert Brenon

William Barton, an art dealer, attempts to revenge himself on Sir Henry Markham for a 17-year-old wrong by trumping up a charge of theft against his son


Greta Nissen
Ursula Barton
Patric Knowles
Harry Markham
Death at Broadcasting House (1934) opening credits (12)
Robert Rendel
Sir Henry Markham
Ivan Samson
William Barton
Main title from The Tenth Man (1936) featuring George Graves
Col Bagnall
W H Berry
Joe Budd
Chili Bouchier
Edward Ashley
Cast Member
Gordon Begg
Cast Member
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Twin brothers John [L] and Andrew [R] with brother Charles Connor [centre], who would send typewritten letters of news on the American home front to the twins fighting in Korea.  1952.

55-year-old diary records thoughts on Honours Easy

Date posted

American diarist sends letters from home to his soldier brothers.


Photograph from Honours Easy (1935) (1)
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Herbert Brenon
Walter C Mycroft
Roland Pertwee
Writer (play)


British International Pictures (BIP)
Production company
Wardour Films
Distribution company