The Hypnotist

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Stars: Paul Carpenter, Patricia Roc, Roland Culver

A test pilot is injured in a plane crash, following which his fiancée takes him to a psychiatrist, who attempts to hypnotise the man into murdering his wife

Cast (15)

Paul Carpenter
Valentine ‘Val’ Neal
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Mary Foster
British actor, Roland Culver
Dr Francis Pelham
Main title from Brighton Rock (1948) (4).  William Hartnell as Dallow
William Hartnell
Inspector Ross
Gordon Needham
Detective Sergeant Davis
Edgar Driver
Atkins, the porter
Tom Tann
Wang, the houseboy
Ellen Pollock
Miss Barbara Barton
Robert Sansom
Senior Test Flight Official
Martin Wyldeck
Dr Bradford
John Serret
Dr Martin
Oliver Johnston
Dr Kenyon
Kay Callard
Jazz Club Blond
Tim Fitzgerald
Val as a boy
Mary Jones
Val’s Mother
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Film clip

Also known as

Scotland Yard Dragnet (USA)

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The Hypnotist DVD – Network – Patricia Roc, Roland Culver
Poster for The Hypnotist (1957) (3)
Poster for The Hypnotist (1957) (2)
Screenshot from The Hypnotist (1957) (2)
Screenshot from The Hypnotist (1957) (1)
Main title from The Hypnotist (1957)
American photograph from Scotland Yard Dragnet [The Hypnotist] (1957) (1)
Paul Carpenter (as Valentine ‘Val’ Neal) in a poster for The Hypnotist (1957) (1)
American poster for Scotland Yard Dragnet [The Hypnotist] (1957) (1)

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