Main title from Ice Cold in Alex (1958)

Ice Cold in Alex

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| Film | | B&W | 2h 10min
Stars: John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle

In 1942 Libya, the commander of a motor ambulance gets his vehicle and passengers to safety despite the hazards of minefields and a German spy

Cast (15)

British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie
Captain Anson
Sylvia Syms
Sister Diana Murdoch
Anthony Quayle
Captain van der Poel
Harry Andrews
M.S.M. Pugh
Diane Clare
Sister Denise Norton
Richard Leech
Captain Crosbie
Liam Redmond
Brigadier - D.D.M.S.
Allan Cuthbertson
Brigadier’s Staff Officer
David Lodge
C.M.P. Captain - Tank Trap
Michael Nightingale
C.M.P. Captain - Check Point
Basil Hoskins
C.M.P. Lieutenant - Alexandria
Walter Gotell
1st German Officer
Frederick Jaeger
2nd German Officer
Richard Marner
German Guard
Peter Arne
British Officer at Oasis
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J Lee Thompson



Production company

Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

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Main title from Ice Cold in Alex (1958)
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