The Impassive Footman

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime | 1h 10min
Stars: Owen Nares, Betty Stockfeld, Allan Jeayes | Director: Basil Dean

A woman finds brief respite from the selfishness of her husband with a young doctor, but can their friendship remain platonic?

Cast (7)

Owen Nares
Bryan Daventry
Betty Stockfeld
Grace Marwood
Allan Jeayes
John Marwood
George Curzon
Aubrey Mather
Dr Bartlett
Frances Rose Campbell
Mrs Angers
Florence Harwood
Mrs Hoggs
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Basil Dean



Production company

Associated Talking Pictures (ATP)

Pictures (1)

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection DVD – Volume 3 from Network as part of the British Film collection. Features Cage of Gold, Death Drives Through, The Impassive Footman, Frieda
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