Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

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| TV Programme | | UK | Colour | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Stars: William Simons, Dominic Snowdon, Sandy Welch

British detective television series, adapted from nine of the novels by Ngaio Marsh

Partial Episode List (1)

Season 2 (1 episode)

Main Cast (5)

British actor, John Gielgud, a GB star 1 episode
Percival Pyke Period
William Simons
1 episode
Inspector Fox
Dominic Snowdon
1 episode
Sandy Welch
1 episode
DC Robinson
Barbara Jefford
1 episode
Constance Cartell
+ Show full cast (-5 more)

Series Director

Martyn Friend
1 episode

Series Producer

George Gallaccio
1 episode

Series Writer

Ken Jones
(screenplay) 1 episode
Ngaio Marsh
(novel) 1 episode

Production company


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