Justice (1971–74)

After All, What Is a Lie?


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | Colour | Drama | 50min
| Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Philip Stone, Basil Dignam
| S2 E7 | 23rd March, 1973

Justice (1971-74) screenshot (1)
Justice (1971–74)
Lady barrister Harriet Peterson tackles cases in London.

Episode cast

Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Harriet Peterson
Sir John Gallagher (Philip Stone) discusses the case in Justice
Philip Stone
Sir John Gallagher
Basil Dignam
Sir Jules Larsen
Derek Newark
Tom Bradley
Justice (1971-74) photograph (1) | John Stone, Margaret Lockwood
John Stone
Ian Moody
Brian Wilde
Prison Doctor
Janet Lees-Price
Joan Bradley
John Bryans
Clerk of Chambers
Janet Lee
Joan Bradley
Antony Brown
Superintendent Rogers
Richard Durden
Anthony Sherman
Rex Arundel
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Justice – The Complete Series – DVD from Network.  Photo montage cover featuring Margaret Lockwood, Anthony Valentine and John Stone; the jury look on in the background
Margaret Lockwood in the Network DVD release of Justice series two


James Ormerod
Alan Bromly
John Batt


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