Justice is a Woman


TV Programme | B&W
| Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Iain Cuthbertson, Cavan Kendall

A female barrister defends a boy charged with rape

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Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Harriet Peterson
Iain Cuthbertson
Cavan Kendall
David Langton
Allan Cuthbertson
John Laurie
Roddy McMillan
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Justice – The Complete Series – DVD from Network.  Photo montage cover featuring Margaret Lockwood, Anthony Valentine and John Stone; the jury look on in the background
Photograph from Justice is a Woman (1969) (2)
TV Times magazine with Margaret Lockwood in Justice is a Woman.  12th July, 1969.  Justice at last for Margaret Lockwood.
Photograph from Justice is a Woman (1969) (1)


Justice is a Woman - Yorkshire Television, 1969, Colour, Stanley Miller (Writer), Jack Roffley, Ronald Kinnoth (Play), Joan Kemp-Welch (Director)