Main title from Laughter in Paradise (1951)

Laughter in Paradise


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 33min
| Stars: Alastair Sim, Fay Compton, Guy Middleton | Director: Mario Zampi

An eccentric leaves in his will a fortune for each of his relations providing they will perform certain embarrassing or criminal acts


Publicity photograph of British actor, Alastair Sim
Deniston Russell
Fay Compton
Agnes Russell
Photograph of British actor, Guy Middleton (1)
Simon Russell
George Cole
Herbert Russell
Photograph of Welsh actor, Hugh Griffith (1)
Henry Russell
Ernest Thesiger
Beatrice Campbell
Lucille Grayson
Mackenzie Ward
A E Matthews
Sir Charles Robson
Joyce Grenfell
Elizabeth Robson
Eleanor Summerfield
Sheila Wilcott
John Laurie
Gordon Webb
Veronica Hurst
Joan Webb
Handsome British film star Anthony Steel, as he appears in the role of Mark Loring, in the new Raymond Stross production, A Question of Adultery (1958), and in which he co-stars with Julie London.  The film was directed by Don Chaffey and will be released by Eros Films Ltd.
Roger Godfrey
Charlotte Mitchell
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Main title from Laughter in Paradise (1951)


Mario Zampi
Michael Pertwee
Writer (original story)
Jack Davies
Writer (original story)


Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)
Production company
Mario Zampi Productions
Production company