Main title from The Long Dark Hall (1951) (3)

The Long Dark Hall


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime, Drama | 1h 26min |
| Stars: Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Tania Heald | Directors: Reginald Beck, Anthony Bushell

A chorus girl is murdered and her married lover is accused

Two great Broadway stars at their greatest!


Autographed photograph of British actor Rex Harrison from the 1948 film, Escape
Arthur Groome
A Girl Must Live (1939) opening credits (5) | Lilli Palmer
Lilli Palmer
Mary Groome
Tania Heald
Sheila Groome
Henrietta Barry
Rosemary Groome
Dora Sevening
Mary’s Mother
Ronald Simpson
Mary’s Father
Raymond Huntley
Ch Insp Sullivan
William Squire
Sergeant Cochran
Ballard Berkeley
Superintendent Maxey
Anthony Dawson
The Man
Denis O’Dea
Sir Charles Morton
Anthony Bushell
Clive Bedford
Henry B Longhurst
Patricia Cutts
Rose Mallory
Autographed photo from 1943 featuring Meriel Forbes
Marjorie Danns
Brenda de Banzie
Mrs Rogers
Douglas Jefferies
Dr Conway
Fletcher Lightfoot
Jury Foreman
Anthony Shaw
Clerk of the Court
Michael Medwin
Leslie Scott
Colin Gordon
Lionel Murton
Eric Pohlmann
Lilli Molnar
Mrs Polaris
Frank Tickle
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Main title from The Long Dark Hall (1951) (3)
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Reginald Beck
Anthony Bushell
Director / Producer
Nunnally Johnson
William Fairchild
Writer (additional scenes and dialogue)


Cusick International Films Inc.
Production company
Five Ocean Films Ltd.
Production company
London Film Productions
Production company
British Lion Film Corporation
Distribution company