Opening credits from The Magic Christian (1969) (3)

The Magic Christian


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| Film | United Kingdom | Colour | 1h 32min |
| Stars: Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, Isabel Jeans | Director: Joseph McGrath

An eccentric millionaire spends his wealth deflating those who pursue money or power

The Magic Christian is: antiestablishmentarian, antibellum, antitrust, antiseptic, antibiotic, antisocial and antipasto.


Photograph of English actor, Peter Sellers (1)
Sir Guy Grand
Ringo Starr
Youngman Grand
Isabel Jeans
Dame Agnes Grand
Caroline Blakiston
Hon Esther Grand
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Capt Reginald K Klaus
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Socialite in Sotheby’s
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Auctioneer at Sotheby’s
John Cleese
Director in Sotheby’s
Clive Dunn
Fred Emney
Kenneth Fortescue
Snob in Sotheby’s
Patrick Holt
Duke in Sotheby’s
David Hutcheson
Lord Barry
Hattie Jacques
Ginger Horton
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Opening credits from The Magic Christian (1969) (3)


Joseph McGrath
Director / Writer (screenplay)
Denis O’Dell
Terry Southern
Writer (screenplay)


Commonwealth United Entertainment
Production company
Grand Films Limited
Production company
Commonwealth United Entertainment
Distribution company