Midnight Menace

Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 19min
Stars: Charles Farrell, Margaret Vyner, Fritz Kortner | Director: Sinclair Hill

A reporter is killed under mysterious circumstances, and his cartoonist colleague starts an investigation of his own

Cast (15)

Charles Farrell
Briant Gaunt
Margaret Vyner
Mary Stevens
Fritz Kortner
Minister Peters of Grovnia
Danny Green
Socks, American Henchman
Wallace Evennett
Smith, Bowler-hat Henchman
Monti DeLyle
Pierre, Knife-throwing Henchman
Dino Galvani
Tony, Slender Henchman
Arthur Finn
Mac, Newspaper Editor
Lawrence Hanray
Sir George, Lead Conspirator
Arthur Gomez
Baron von Kleisch, Delegate
Raymond Lovell
Evan John
Dr. Marsh
Reynes Barton
Conference President
Terence O’Brien
Secret Agent Fearns
Dennis Val Norton
Vronsky, Peters’ Aide
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Sinclair Hill


(original story)
(original story)

Production company

Grosvenor Films Ltd.

Also known as

Bombs Over London (USA)

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Midnight Menace DVD from Network andThe British Film
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