Midshipman Easy

Film | | B&W
Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Roger Livesey, Robert Adams

Adventure story about young naval officers who must rescue a girl from Spanish bandits

The precocious Master Easy joins the Royal Navy aboard HMS Harpy as a midshipman.

His lofty attitude and difficulty in adjusting to Navy discipline soon gets the young man into trouble.

Unrepentant, he and his young officer friends set about rescuing a girl and her family from Spanish bandits.

Cast (10)

Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Donna Agnes
Roger Livesey
Robert Adams
Hughie Green
Midshipman Easy
Frederick Burtwell
Mr. Easthupp
Lewis Casson
Mr. Easy
Tom Gill
Harry Tate
Mr. Biggs
Desmond Tester
Dennis Wyndham
Don Silvio
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Film clips

Fortune telling (1m 08s)
Hughie Green and Margaret Lockwood in a film clip from Midshipman Easy

Production Information

GB (ATP), 1935, 77 minutes, B&W, Anthony Kimmins (Writer), Frederick Marryat (Novel), Carol Reed (Director)

Also known as

Men of the Sea (USA)

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The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection DVD – Volume 2 from Network as part of the British Film collection. Features The Big Blockade, The Four Just Men, Brief Ecstasy, Midshipman Easy
Poster for Men of the Sea [Midshipman Easy] (1935) (2)
Screenshot from Midshipman Easy (1935) (3)
Screenshot from Midshipman Easy (1935) (2)
Hughie Green (as Midshipman Easy) and Margaret Lockwood (as Donna Agnes) in a screenshot from Midshipman Easy (1935) (1)
Main title from Midshipman Easy (1935)
Photograph from Midshipman Easy (1935) (2)
Poster for Men of the Sea [Midshipman Easy] (1935) (1)
Poster for Midshipman Easy (1935) (2)
Photograph from Midshipman Easy (1935) (1)
Poster for Midshipman Easy (1935) (1)
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