The Missing People


Film | B&W
| Stars: Will Fyffe, Kay Walsh, Lyn Harding

J G Reeder, an elderly gentleman who fancies himself a detective, decides to investigate the strange disappearance of 27 well-to-do people, who all vanished under similar circumstances


Will Fyffe (as Aeneas McGrath) in a screenshot from The Brothers (1947) (2)
J G Reeder
Photograph of British actress, Kay Walsh (1)
Peggy Gillette
Lyn Harding
Joseph Bronstone
Ronald Shiner
Sam Hackett
Ronald Adam
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Doris Bevan
Anthony Holles
Ernest Bronstone
Reginald Purdell
Harry Morgan
Maire O’Neill
Lawrence Hanray
O B Clarence
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