The Missing People


Film | B&W
| Stars: Will Fyffe, Kay Walsh, Lyn Harding

J G Reeder, an elderly gentleman who fancies himself a detective, decides to investigate the strange disappearance of 27 well-to-do people, who all vanished under similar circumstances


Will Fyffe (as Aeneas McGrath) in a screenshot from The Brothers (1947) (2)
J G Reeder
Photograph of British actress, Kay Walsh (1)
Peggy Gillette
Lyn Harding
Joseph Bronstone
Photograph from Laughing Anne (1953) (19) featuring Ronald Shiner
Sam Hackett
Ronald Adam
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Doris Bevan
Anthony Holles
Ernest Bronstone
Reginald Purdell
Harry Morgan
Maire O’Neill
Lawrence Hanray
O B Clarence
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