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Born in London, Walsh trained in West End revue. Married (1940-49) director David Lean.

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Keep Fit (1937)
Joan Allen
I See Ice! (1938)
Judy Gaye
The Mind of Mr. Reeder (1939)
Peggy Gillette
Sons of the Sea (1939)
Alison Devar
The Missing People (1940)
Peggy Gillette
The Second Mr Bush (1940)
Angela Windel-Todd
In Which We Serve (1942)
Freda Lewis
This Happy Breed (1944)
The October Man (1947)
Molly Newman
Oliver Twist (1948)
Last Holiday (1950)
Mrs Poole
Stage Fright (1950)
Nellie Goode
The Magnet (1950)
Mrs Brent
Encore (1951)
Miss Molly Reid
Meet Me Tonight (1952)
Lily Pepper: Red Peppers
Hunted (1952)
Mrs Sykes
Young Bess (1953)
Mrs Ashley
Lease of Life (1954)
Mrs Vera Thorne
The Rainbow Jacket (1954)
Cast a Dark Shadow (1955)
Charlotte Young
Now and Forever (1956)
Miss Muir
The Horse’s Mouth (1958)
Dee Coker
Tunes of Glory (1960)
Mary Titterington
Lunch Hour (1963)
80,000 Suspects (1963)
The Beauty Jungle (1964)
Mrs Freeman
The Witches (1966)
Stephanie Bax
Scrooge (1970)
Mrs Fezziwig
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Personal Details

David Lean
Husband  m. 1940–1949 (divorced)

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