Main title from The Beauty Jungle (1964) (4)

The Beauty Jungle


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| Film | Colour | Comedy, Drama | 1h 50min
| Stars: Ian Hendry, Janette Scott, Ronald Fraser | Director: Val Guest

A typist enters a beauty contest and step-by-step becomes Miss Globe; but her descent is equally rapid

The Short, Sweet and Fabulous World of the Beauty Queens


Ian Hendry
Don Mackenzie
Janette Scott
Shirley Freeman
Ronald Fraser
Walter Carey
Edmund Purdom
Rex Carrick
Jean Claudio
British comedy actor, Tommy Trinder
Charlie Dorton
Photograph of British actress, Kay Walsh (1)
Mrs Freeman
The Saint | The Best Laid Schemes (1967) screenshot (2)
Norman Bird
Mr Freeman
Janina Faye
Elaine Freeman
David Weston
Peter Ashmore
Sidney James
Butlin Judge
Jacqueline Jones
Jean Watson
Jackie White
Barbara Lawton
Jerry Desmonde
Swimming Pool MC
Alan Taylor
TV Commentator
Eve Eden
Angela Boynton
Lionel Blair
Talk of Town Producer
Francis Matthews
Advertising Agent
Nikki Peters
Roses of England – Cora
Margaret Nolan
Roses of England – Caroline
Angela Lovell
Roses of England – Angela
Leila Williams
Miss Globe Chaperone
Raymond Young
Miss Globe MC
Michael Peake
Cosmetics President
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Wicked showbiz and the road to ruin in one glossy package, predictable, but not badly done; always something going on and performed with gusto. (Halliwell’s)


Main title from The Beauty Jungle (1964) (4)


Val Guest
Director / Producer / Writer (written for the screen by)
Robert Muller
Writer (written for the screen by)


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Production company
Rank Film Distributors
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