Main title from Mr Denning Drives North (1951) (1)

Mr Denning Drives North


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 1h 33min |
| Stars: John Mills, Phyllis Calvert, Eileen Moore | Director: Anthony Kimmins

A wealthy man accidentally kills a criminal in love with his daughter; he hides the body, which then disappears

It’s sensational… you’ll get thrill upon thrill!


British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie
Tom Denning
Glamorous British film star Phyllis Calvert wears a shawl as she smokes a cigarette.  A 1940s studio publicity photo for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945).
Kay Denning
Eileen Moore
Liz Denning
Sam Wanamaker
Chick Eddowes
Russell Waters
Harry Stoper
Ten Little Indians (1965) opening credits (13) | Wilfrid Hyde White
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Freda Jackson
Ma Smith
Trader Faulkner
Ted Smith
Sheila Shand Gibbs
Bernard Lee
Inspector Dodds
Michael Shepley
Chairman of Court
Ronald Adam
John Stuart
Hugh Morton
Inspector Snell
David Davies
Ambrosine Phillpotts
Miss Blade
Herbert C Walton
John Stevens
First Patrolman
Lyn Evans
Mr Fisher
John Warren
Mr Ash
Raymond Francis
Clerk of the Court
Edward Evans
Second Patrolman
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Main title from Mr Denning Drives North (1951) (1)
Main title from Mr Denning Drives North (1951)
Mr Denning Drives North DVD from Network and The British Film


Anthony Kimmins
Director / Producer
Stephen Mitchell
Alec Coppel
Writer (novel)


London Film Productions
Production company
British Lion Film Corporation
Distribution company