Mystery Junction

Film | | United Kingdom | 1h 5min
Stars: Sydney Tafler, Barbara Murray, Martin Benson | Director: Michael McCarthy

Passengers stranded in a snowbound railway station solve a mystery

Cast (15)

Morry Hyams (Sydney Tafler) in his store in a scene from It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Larry Gordon
An autographed photograph featuring British actress, Barbara Murray.  Signature reads ‘To John, Barbara Murray’.
Pat Dawn
Martin Benson
Steve Harding
Patricia Owens
Mabel Dawn
Christine Silver
Miss Owens
David Davies
Charles Irwin
Philip Dale
Elliot Foster
Pearl Cameron
Helen Mason
John Salew
John Martin
Ewen Solon
Detective Sgt Peterson
Denis Webb
Inspector Clarke
Cyril Smith
Station Master
Sidney Monckton
Ticket Collector
Stanley Rose
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Michael McCarthy

Production company

Merton Park Studios

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Mystery Junction DVD from Network and The British Film
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