No Exit

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| Film | | UK | Mystery | 1h 23min
Stars: Valerie Hobson, Billy Milton, Robert Cochran

A crime novelist stages an imaginative prank to prove that the perfect murder is possible – but finds that it has catastrophic consequences

Cast (11)

Main title from Train of Events (1949) featuring Valerie Hobson
Laura Anstey
Billy Milton
Billy West
Robert Cochran
Leslie Perrins
Anthony Wild
Henry Oscar
Cyril Anstey
Ronald Simpson
Scoop Martin
Margaret Yarde
Hal Gordon
County Constable
J Neil More
Police Commisioner
Hilda Campbell-Russell
Kenneth Law
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Blu-ray and DVD

No Exit DVD [2016]
No Exit DVD from Network and the British Film

11th April, 2016
Price: £9.99


Norman Lee



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Welwyn Studios

Welwyn Studios

Welwyn Studios

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No Exit DVD from Network and the British Film
No Exit DVD – Network – The British Film