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On the Double


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| Film | USA | Colour | Adventure, Comedy, War | 1h 32min |
| Stars: Danny Kaye, Dana Wynter, Wilfrid Hyde-White | Director: Melville Shavelson

During World War II, an American private is asked to impersonate a British intelligence officer

You’ll double up laughing when you see Mr Fun On The Run!


Danny Kaye
Pfc Ernie Williams
Dana Wynter
Lady Margaret MacKenzie-Smith
Ten Little Indians (1965) opening credits (13) | Wilfrid Hyde White
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Colonel Somerset
Publicity shot of the sexy British actress, Diana Dors
Sergeant Bridget Stanhope
Allan Cuthbertson
Capt Patterson
Jesse White
Corporal Joseph Praeger
Gregory Walcott
Colonel Rock Houston
Terence de Marney
Sergeant Colin Twickenham
Rex Evans
General Carleton Brown Wiffingham
Rudolph Anders
Edgar Barrier
Pamela Light
Mrs Somerset
Ben Astar
General Zlinkov
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From the plot and the talents it seems one might start laughing at this while in the queue, but in fact most of it goes sadly awry and it never quite comes to the boil. (Halliwell’s)


Main title from On the Double (1961) (3)


Melville Shavelson
Director / Writer
Jack Rose
Producer / Writer


Dena Productions
Production company
Paramount British Pictures
Distribution company