The Private Life of Henry VIII

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| Film | | UK | B&W | Biography, Comedy, Drama, History, Romance | 1h 37min |
Stars: Charles Laughton, Robert Donat, Franklin Dyall

How Henry beheaded his second wife and acquired four more

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This never was a perfect film, but certain scenes are very funny and its sheer sauciness established the possibility of British films making money abroad, as well as starting several star careers. It now looks very dated and even amateurish in parts. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (16)

Charles Laughton
Henry VIII
Publicity photograph from the 1930s featuring British actor, Robert Donat
Thomas Culpeper
Franklin Dyall
Thomas Cromwell
Miles Mander
Lawrence Hanray
Archbishop Cranmer
William Austin
Duke of Cleves
John Loder
Claud Allister
Gibb McLaughlin
The French Executioner
Sam Livesey
The English Executioner
Publicity photo featuring the elegant Anglo-Indian actress, Merle Oberon
Anne Boleyn – The Second Wife
Wendy Barrie
Jane Seymour – The Third Wife
Elsa Lanchester
Anne of Cleves – The Fourth Wife
Binnie Barnes
Katherine Howard – The Fifth Wife
Everley Gregg
Katherine Parr – The Sixth Wife
Lady Tree
The King’s Nurse
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Picture from the 2019 BFI Southbank exhibition of Hungarian film-maker, Alexander Korda (1)
Alexander Korda, Hungarian producer-director, exhibition at the BFI
Date posted
The British Film Institute presents a new exhibition dedicated to the work of Hungarian film-maker, Alexander Korda.


Alexander Korda


(as Lajos Biro)

Production company

London Film Productions

Pictures (1)

Charles Laughton (Henry VIII) and Merle Oberon (Anne Boleyn – The Second Wife) in a scene from Alexander Korda’s The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)

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