Publicity photograph from the 1930s featuring British actor, Robert Donat

Robert Donat

1905–1958 | British actor

Distinguished British actor (of Polish descent) with an inimitably melodious voice; he made some impressive films despite asthma, which blighted his career

Mini Biography

Meticulous in his approach, Robert Donat used to draw a graph of the emotional pitch of a role, and for a part that covered a considerable amount of time – as in Goodbye, Mr Chips – a graph showing the changes in his age and appearance.

Donat’s second wife was actress Renee Asherson (1953-56). He was emotionally involved with actresses Merle Oberon, Pearl Argyle, Elissa Landi, Madeline Carroll and Rosamund John.

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Thomas Culpeper
Murdoch Glourie / Donald Glourie
The 39 Steps (1935)
AJ Fothergill
Mr Chips
The Earl of Chatham and William Pitt
Robert Wilson
Sir Robert Morton
William Friese-Greene
Rev William Thorne
The Mandarin of Yang Cheng
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