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The Young Mr Pitt

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Biography, Drama | 1h 58min |
Stars: Robert Donat, Jean Cadell, Robert Morley | Director: Carol Reed

Britain’s youngest prime minister quells the threat of invasion by Napoleon

Cast (24)

Publicity photograph from the 1930s featuring British actor, Robert Donat
The Earl of Chatham and William Pitt
Jean Cadell
Mrs Sparry
Robert Morley
Charles James Fox
Geoffrey Atkins
William Pitt, as a boy
Glamorous British film star Phyllis Calvert wears a shawl as she smokes a cigarette.  A 1940s studio publicity photo for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945).
Eleanor Eden
Raymond Lovell
George the Third
Agnes Lauchlan
Queen Charlotte
British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie
William Wilberforce
British actor Felix Aylmer wears a white dinner jacket and bow tie
Lord North
Ian McLean
Max Adrian
A Bromley Davenport
Sir Evan Nepean
John Salew
Herbert Lom
Albert Lieven
Stephen Haggard
Lord Nelson
Stuart Lindsell
Earl Spencer
Henry Hewitt
Frederick Culley
Sir Wm Farquhar
Frank Pettingell
Leslie Bradley
Gentleman Jackson
Roy Emerton
Dan Mendoza
Hugh McDermott
Mr Melvill
Alfred Sangster
Lord Grenville
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Edward Black


(dramatic narrative)

Production company

Twentieth Century Productions Ltd.

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Main title from The Young Mr Pitt (1942) (2)
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