Raintree County


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| Film | USA | Colour | Drama, Romance, War, Western | 2h 40min |
| Stars: Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Marie Saint | Director: Edward Dmytryk

During the American Civil War, a Southern belle gets the man she thinks she wants, but subsequently finds life as a schoolmaster’s wife boring

Cast (13)

Montgomery Clift
John Wickliff Shawnessy
British actress, Elizabeth Taylor
Susanna Drake Shawnessy
Eva Marie Saint
Nell Gaither
British actor Nigel Patrick, dressed in jacket and tie, smokes a cigarette
Professor Jerusalem Webster Stiles
Lee Marvin
Orville ‘Flash’ Perkins
Rod Taylor
Garwood B. Jones
Agnes Moorehead
Ellen Shawnessy
Walter Abel
T.D. Shawnessy
Jarma Lewis
Barbara Drake
Tom Drake
Bobby Drake
Rhys Williams
Ezra Gray
Russell Collins
Niles Foster
Deforest Kelley
Southern Officer
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Edward Dmytryk
Millard Kaufman
Producer / Writer
David Lewis
Thomas D Tannenbaum
Ross Lockridge Jr


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Production company