Main title from The Rank Charm School documentary (1982)

The Rank Charm School

TV Programme | | Colour
Stars: Barry Norman, Diana Dors, Christopher Lee

Documentary on the Rank Organisation’s Company of Youth – popularly known as the Charm School – in which young actors were trained by the studios to become stars

Barry Norman tells the story of a famous training establishment for would-be stars in the 40s and 50s.

The Rank Organisation called it ‘The Company of Youth’ but the Press quickly dubbed it ‘The Charm School’, where youngsters from varied backgrounds, and with little or no acting experience, were put under contract at £10 a week and trained at a church hall next door to Rank’s Highbury Studios.

Taking part are former charm school students, Diana Dors, Pete Murray, Christopher Lee, Barbara Murray, Peggy Evans, Susan Beaumont and the Viscountess Rothermere plus publicity executive Theo Cowan, Rank’s Director of Artists Olive Dodds, and producer Betty Box.

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Publicity shot of the sexy British actress, Diana Dors 1 episode
An autographed photograph featuring British actress, Barbara Murray.  Signature reads ‘To John, Barbara Murray’. 1 episode
Christopher Lee
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Susan Beaumont
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Beverly Brooks
1 episode
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Main title from The Rank Charm School documentary (1982), crediting Diana Dors and Christopher Lee
Main title from The Rank Charm School documentary (1982)

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