The Rats of Tobruk


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| Film | Australia | B&W | Action, Drama, War | 1h 8min
| Stars: Grant Taylor, Peter Finch, Chips Rafferty | Director: Charles Chauvel

Two tough Australian soldiers fight alongside an intellectual Englishman in the North Africa campaign


Grant Taylor
Bluey Donkin
Photograph of English-born Australian actor, Peter Finch (1)
Peter Linton
Chips Rafferty
Milo Trent
Pauline Garrick
Kate Carmody
Mary Gay
Sister Mary Ellis
George Wallace
Barber of Tobruk
Joe Valli
Northumberland Fusilier
Tony Villa
Japanese Soldier
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Charles Chauvel
Director / Producer / Writer (narrative)
Charles Munro
Elsa Chauvel
Maxwell Dunn
Writer (narrative)


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Distribution company