Main title from Reach for the Sky (1956)

Reach for the Sky


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 2h 15min
| Stars: Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow, Lyndon Brook | Director: Lewis Gilbert

Douglas Bader loses both legs in a 1931 air crash, learns to walk on artificial limbs and flies again in World War II


British actor Kenneth More wears an open-necked checked shirt and watch in a casual publicity photo
Douglas Bader
A publicity shot for British actress, Muriel Pavlow.  Signed ‘Best wishes, Muriel Pavlow’
Thelma Bader
Lyndon Brook
Johnny Sanderson
Lee Patterson
Alexander Knox
Mr. Joyce
Dorothy Alison
Nurse Brace
Michael Warre
Harry Day
Morry Hyams (Sydney Tafler) in his store in a scene from It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Robert Desoutter
Howard Marion-Crawford
‘Woody’ Woodhall
Jack Watling
Nigel Green
Anne Leon
Sister Thornhill
Charles Carson
Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding
Ronald Adam
Air Vice-Marshal Leigh-Mallory
Walter Hudd
Air Vice-Marshal Halahan
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Photograph of British actress, Muriel Pavlow

Muriel Pavlow, British actress, dies

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Muriel Pavlow, the British actress and wife of Derek Farr, who starred in Reach for the Sky, Malta Story and Doctor at Large dies aged 97.


Main title from Reach for the Sky (1956)


British director Lewis Gilbert wears a checked shirt on set
Lewis Gilbert
Director / Writer (screenplay)
Paul Brickhill
Writer (book)


Angel Productions
Production company
The Rank Organisation
Production company