The Sandwich Man


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| Film | United Kingdom | Colour | 1h 35min
| Stars: Michael Bentine, Dora Bryan, Harry H Corbett | Director: Robert Hartford-davis

In the course of a walking day around London, a sandwich man encounters many of his eccentric acquaintances


Michael Bentine
Horace Quilby – The Sandwich Man / Jazz Club Owner
Publicity photo of British film actress, Dora Bryan
Mrs De Vere
Harry H Corbett
Mack – Stage Door Keeper
The Railway Children (1970) screenshot (9) | Bernard Cribbins
Bernard Cribbins
Harold – Photographer
Publicity shot of the sexy British actress, Diana Dors
First Billingsgate Lady
Ian Hendry
Policeman Motor Cycle
British comedian Stanley Holloway wears a trilby, jacket and tie as he smokes his pipe
Park Gardener
Ten Little Indians (1965) opening credits (13) | Wilfrid Hyde White
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Lord Uffingham
Michael Medwin
Sewer Man
Ron Moody
Rowing Coach
Anna Quayle
Second Billingsgate Lady
British actor Terry-Thomas holds a cheroot while on the telephone
Scout Master
Norman Wisdom
Boxing Vicar
Death at Broadcasting House (1934) opening credits (11)
Donald Wolfit
Car Salesman
David Buck
Steven Mansfield
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Robert Hartford-davis
Director / Writer (original story and screenplay)
Michael Bentine
Writer (original story and screenplay)


The Rank Organisation
Production company
Titan International Productions
Production company