Screen Two (1985–98)

Northanger Abbey


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | Colour | 1h 28min |
| Stars: Katharine Schlesinger, Peter Firth, Robert Hardy
| S3 E7 | 15th February, 1987

Adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic story about the adventures of a young woman who learns that marriage is not determined by true love in the society of her day

Screen Two (1985–98)
British television anthology drama series, recorded on film and transmitted on BBC2.

Episode cast

Katharine Schlesinger
Catherine Morland
Peter Firth
Henry Tilney
Robert Hardy
General Tilney
Publicity photo of British actress Googie Withers
Mrs Allen
Geoffrey Chater
Mr Allen
Cassie Stuart
Isabella Thorpe
Jonathan Coy
John Thorpe
Ingrid Lacey
Eleanor Tilney
Greg Hicks
Frederick Tilney
Philip Bird
James Morland
Elvi Hale
Mrs Thorpe
Helen Fraser
Mrs Morland
David Rolfe
Mr Morland
Elaine Ives-Cameron
Angela Curran
Tricia Morrish
Miss Digby
Oliver Hembrough
Edward Morland
Anne-Marie Mullane
Thorpe Sisters
Michelle Arthur
Thorpe Sisters
Sarah-Jane Holm
Raphael Alleyne
Page Boy
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