Stop Press Girl


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| Film | B&W | Comedy, Fantasy | 1h 18min |
| Stars: Sally Ann Howes, Gordon Jackson, Basil Radford | Director: Michael Barry

A girl finds she has the unconscious power to bring all machinery to a halt


Sally Ann Howes
Jennifer Peters
Gordon Jackson
Jock Melville
British actor, Basil Radford, as Captain Paul Waggett in Whisky Galore! (1949)
The Mechanical Type
Naunton Wayne, well-known British actor who plays the role of Leslie, one of the club friends of of Henry Garnet (Basil Radford) in ‘The Facts of Life’, one of the four Somerset Maugham stories comprising ‘Quartet’, Sydney Box’s new production for Gainsborough Pictures
The Mechanical Type
James Robertson Justice
Arthur Peters
Sonia Holm
Angela Carew
Nigel Buchanan
Roy Fairfax
Joyce Barbour
Aunt Mab
Campbell Cotts
John Fairfax
Cyril Chamberlain
Julia Lang
Carole Saunders
Percy Walsh
Editor, Evening Comet
Oliver Burt
Editor, Morning Sun
British actor Kenneth More wears an open-necked checked shirt and watch in a casual publicity photo
Police Sgt ‘Bonzo’
Humphrey Lestocq
Radio Commentator
Vincent Ball
Hero in cinema sequence
Anne Valery
Heroine in cinema sequence
Michael Goodliffe
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Weary comedy that has nowhere to go after its first silly idea. (Halliwell’s)


Michael Barry
Donald B Wilson
T J Morrison
Writer (screenplay)


Aquila Film
Production company
General Film Distributors (GFD)
Distribution company